International Development Project: Assessment & Suggested Improvement


In groups of two, and based on the projects you selected in class, write an overall critique of these projects, initiatives, or activities. In no more than three pages, provide a brief description for the project, the lead organization that is working on it, and an assessment for the project performance looking at its environmental and social components. If you are the UN secretary general and have the power to encourage, or stop this project, would you approve/implement this project (as it is) or not? After your critic and reflection, provide three direct actions that if taken into account will significantly improve the project. Make sure to add the name of your project, location and overall theme. Use the material in earlier classes to have a critical lens on the project development.


Assessments of Inter-state Development Projects


Interstates urban, landscape and infrastructure projects face some challenges when it comes to administration, budget and long term sustainability. In no more than two pages, provide an assessment for the project looking at environmental and social components. If you are the mayor or governor, would you approve/implement this project (as it is) or not? Lastly, conclude with five guidelines that you will adopt to enhance the project and make it more sustainable. Make sure to add the name of your project, location and overall theme. Use the material in earlier classes to have a critical lens on the project development.


Landscape Project Evaluation on the Neighborhood Scale


As per the discussion in class, write your overall assessment of the project you presented. Use the questions presented in class for guidance but feel free to expand on them or use a different outline. Make sure to add the name of your project, location and overall theme. Use the material in earlier classes to have a critical lens on the project development, answer the questions about what is god and what is bad about it. Lastly, if you are the mayor of this city, would you vote for this project or not? Your submission shouldn’t exceed 2 pages. Feel free to use other sources to support your argument.


A Myth Can Preserve the Ecological Balance


Write a one page reflection on the movie. You may approach this the way you prefer. Make it one page, precise and building connections between different things discussed in the documentary. You may write about parks, wolves, India, history, modernization, ecosystem, local tradition, shepherds, local knowledge, food-chain, co-existence … or local tribes.



Social Movement + New S.M. + Env. Movement


When un-packing social movement, new social movement and environmental movement we find that they are interlinked. There are major similarities, commonalities and also differences between them. Using the lecture notes and the lecture by Manuel Castells, give an example that you know for (i) a social movement, (ii) a new social movement and (iii) an environmental movement. Explain the three movements using the framework developed by Doyle Timothty.


Unpacking the Built & Natural Environments


According to discussion in class and the different ways the natural environment influence how we shape our built environment try to summarize some of the ideas discussed as follow: (1) In your first page, in your view, what are the most two significant environmental factors influencing and shaping the built environment, and why do you consider them of more importance than the other? and (2) in your second page: Discuss, in your views, and according to the ecological and social benefits debated in class, share how to integrate nature in cities on the continuum below:


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Rivers and their Social Connectivity

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The article “Social Connectivity of Urban Rivers” provides a framework to understand the relationship between the river the city users. There are different typologies that the article uses to unpack this relationship. Select a river that you are familiar with (not mentioned in the paper), and in no more than two pages, describe: (i) its environmental profile, (ii) different types people’s of interactions, (iii) flooding potential, (iv) describe its transport system contemporary or historically, (v) describe its three types of connectivity, and (vi) suggest possible improvements/restorations for the segment you are familiar with. Be articulate precise and try to cover all the points with depth and clarity.

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The LAF Declaration, New LAF Declaration, and everything in Between.


The Landscape Architecture Foundation have developed two “declarations of concern” one in 1966 and one in 2016 with 60 years different. Write in no more than two pages, your assessment of the original declaration, and the new declaration, and compare and contrast the similarities and differences between both in the light of the times they were developed. End with a paragraph sharing your own opinion if we as landscape architects are making progress in addressing the concerns in both declarations or not? And are we moving forward progressively / positively, or not?

Review the Declaration, the New Declaration and the Lecture/Video titled: “Less a Declaration than Some Thoughts” (all on the class-material tab) then write your reflections and critical overview on the directions we are heading to.   #Env_Plan #Landscape

History & Evolution of Environmental & Landscape Planning


Based on the lecture and discussions in class, identify the main milestones discussed through the different eras. Select the most significant two in your own views and describe them in further details explaining the reasons of their importance.

In couple of lines indicate if you agree more with Muir or Pinchot and why?

Your response should be 1½-2 pages, typed, Times New Roman, 12 font, 1.5-spaced. It shall be posted on the class blog.   #Env_Plan #Landscape


Your vision statement as a landscape architect


From your previous professional experience, academic studies, engagement in local community and readings beyond the classroom, write in no more than 140 words your vision statement as a landscape architect or an environmental advocate. Highlight how do you envision the future of the discipline and your expected role as a landscape architect. #Env_Plan#Landscape