Case Studies in Designing Affordable vs Market-rate Housing


Comparing the landscape design of several of PGA’s recently completed housing projects.  The projects will vary from those built to serve the high-tech luxury market-rate to the professional class and affordable. Design and client expectations for each are widely different.  Chris will discuss key the differences in clients expectations and approaches.

Urban Forest of Africa | Johannesburg, Lagos & Cairo

By: Joe McBride

The urban forests of Johannesburg, Lagos, and Cairo were surveyed to provide a data base for a comparison of their composition, structure, and condition.  Tree species diversity in these three urban forests was compared to the species diversity of trees in each biome in which the city occurred and to climatic parameters of each biome to measure the correlation between urban forest characteristics and the characteristics of the biomes.  Structure of the urban forest was examined in relation to historical precedents for urban design in each city.  Current problems of urban forest condition and management are discussed.

To obtain a copy of the presentation, click on the link below:

Urban Forest of Africa (Johanesburg, Lagos & Cairo)