History & Evolution of Environmental & Landscape Planning


Based on the lecture and discussions in class, identify the main milestones discussed through the different eras. Select the most significant two in your own views and describe them in further details explaining the reasons of their importance.

In couple of lines indicate if you agree more with Muir or Pinchot and why?

Your response should be 1½-2 pages, typed, Times New Roman, 12 font, 1.5-spaced. It shall be posted on the class blog.   #Env_Plan #Landscape


Your vision statement as a landscape architect


From your previous professional experience, academic studies, engagement in local community and readings beyond the classroom, write in no more than 140 words your vision statement as a landscape architect or an environmental advocate. Highlight how do you envision the future of the discipline and your expected role as a landscape architect. #Env_Plan#Landscape