In Alphabetical Order:

Adele Negro   |   Adj. Professor   |   Monterey Institute for Int. Studies   |   Protecting Paradise: Community Engagement in Sustainable Development in El Salvador

Amna Alruheili   |   Doctoral Candidate   |   Dep. of Landscape Architecture & Env. Planning (Berkeley)   |  Delineating the Coast of Salalah Using Remote Sensing   |   Oman

Ana Galvis   |   Doctoral Candidate    |   Center for Latin American Studies (Berkeley)    |   Nested Markets for Small-scale Farmers: Sources of “Buen Vivir”

Brian Jencek     |     Vice President & Global Director of Planning     |     HOK     |     NEXT PRACTICES: Cities + Water

Christopher A. Loperena   |   Associate Professor   |   Master’s Program in International Studies (USF)   |   Sustainable Tourism and Its Discontents: The Case of Honduras

Christopher Kent     |     Principal     |     PGAdesign     |     Wearing Many Hats: Case studies in designing affordable vs market rate housing

Christopher Sensenig     |     Associate – Urban Designer     |     Van Meter Williams Pollack LLP     |     Neighborhood Design on Steep Slopes

Daniel Kammen   |   Professor   |   Energy and Resources Group (ERG)   |   A Systems Science Approach to Building Sustainable Low-Carbon Economies

Doug Brown     |     Creative Director Manmade Workshop Landscape Architecture     |     Native Grass Sod

Diana Negrin da Silva   |   PhD Candidate Geography UCB   |   Lecturer in USF Lecturer in USF   |   Urban Growth, Heterogeneity and Activism in Mexico’s Cities

Elsadig Elsheikh   |   Program Manager   |   Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society   |   Can Africa survive the current food system crisis?

James A. Lord   |    Founder    |    Surface Design   |    Building Authenticity in Architecture

James Stickley     |     Director     |     WRT     |     Brisbane Baylands Specific Plan

Javier Arizmendi     |     Design Director     |     SOM     |    From competition to implementation: Geffen Hall, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

Joe McBride   |   Professor   |   Dep. of Landscape Architecture & Env. Planning (Berkeley)   |  Urban Forest of Africa: Johannesburg, Lagos & Cairo

Jon (Twingi) Sojkowski   |   Architect   |   Expert in Sustainable Design & Construction   |  Malawi Vernacular Architecture or African Vernacular Architecture

Krishnachandran Balakrishnan   |    Independent Researcher   |   Indian Institute for Human Settlements, Bangalore, India  |   Sabarmati Riverfront Development: An Exercise in ‘High-Modernism’?

Lara Justin     |   Senior Landscape Architect     |   Caltrans Landscape Architecture Program     |   Streets as Important Civic & Public Space

Mamdouh Sakr   |   Architect & Program Manager   |   Prince’s school of Traditional Arts   |   Sustainability of Buildings in Nuweiba Village, New & Ancient Building Techniques

Manuela Anne King     |     President     |     RHAA     |     Project (1): Living Building Challenge Grange Building. Project (2): Tactical Urbanism in the Union Square BID

Marco Esposito     |     Principal     |     SWA Group     |     Creating a New Walking-Focused City District for 30,000 People

Mathias Kondolf   |   Professor   |    Dep. of Landscape Architecture & Env. Planning (Berkeley)   |   The Mekong River: threats to a unique human-ecosystem

Maximilian Auffhammer   |   Professor   |   Chair in Sustainable Development George Pardee Jr.   |   Rice Under Siege

Mukul Malhotra     |     Principal, Director Of Urban Design    |     MIG     |   re:Street Reclaiming the Public ROW:  West Capitol Ave

Nathan Weller    |   Program & Policy Director    |   EcoViva   |   Protecting Paradise: Community Engagement in Sustainable Development in El Salvador

Nicole List   |   PhD Candidate   |   Department of Geography   |   Conflicting Visions of Sustainable Development: Struggles over the Production of Eco-Cities in Dakar, Senegal

Pedro J. Pinto   |   Research Fellow   |   Ceris/CiTUA   |   Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal   |   Social Connectivity of Urban Rivers

Randolph Langenbach   |   Building Conservation Expert   |   Conservation Tech.   |    Traditional Is Modern: An environmentally sustainable approach to earthquake-resistant construction worldwide

Robert Glass     |     Project Manager and Senior Designer    |     Hyphae Design Laboratory    |     From Concept sketch to Construction: How to hold on to design intent through engineering

Robert Marshal   |   Principal & Global Director   |   B+H Architects Toronto   |   Global South sustainability challenges, Case Study: Smart City Kochi

Ryan Doone & Ryan O’Rourke    |     Principal     |     HKS Inc     |     Landscape & Hospitality Design

Stephen Zavestoski   |   Associate Professor   |   Chair Sociology & Environmental Studies (USF)   |   “Sustainability Experimentation Venture Network” (SEVeN)

Thomas Knittel   |   Senior Architect, AIA, LEED, AP   |    HOK   |   How Buildings That Imitate Earth’s Creatures Could Save Us From Ourselves

Yang Ju   |   Doctoral Candidate   |   Dep. of Landscape Architecture & Env. Planning (Berkeley)   |   Mapping Sea Level Rise & Storm Inundation by 3DI Hydrodynamic Model


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