Urbanization & Deforestation

city-leaf-1In chapter 15 Tom Rough shared two ways in which urban growth derive deforestation. In conjunction with Barbara Torrey’s paper, describe these two drivers and, as expert in the field, how would you advise or suggests reforms to reduce this deforestation process. Also add few lines on urbanization factors that were not mentioned in the text. (in one page). In your 2nd page, and based on Roger Keil’s research about global cities network and the research presented in class by Ronal Wall, identify the top one or two social and/or economic factors in the city that you believe highly influence, shape and derive the spatiality and inter-urban network.


Social & Ecological Resilience


The article by Adger connects ecological and social resilience. In one page, summarize the most significant take-aways of his article and what is the thing you strongly agree with and mention one thing you completely disagree with. In your 2nd page –in conjunction with Adger’s article + the UN report– if our existence and well-being is very connected to the ecosystem where do you think the main challenge is in resolving the environmental problems the world is facing.

In addition to the two pages, please add 3 lines summarizing your take on the video we watched about “Saving endangered species / saving the planet”


City Vs Country: The Urban-Rural Continuum


Urbanization is a trend that will continue to occur as an ongoing process. The urban rural continuum is a complex one that has the city at one end and the country on the other. According to discussion in class different settlements can be placed on any point on this continuum; and the factors that dictate where the settlement may fall on this urban/rural continuum do change form a place to another and a settlement to another. In the case of Chicago, and according to Cronon, describe in one page the factors that contributed to its transformation on the urban-rural continuum. These can be: locational, social, economical, infrastructure, transportation, and many more. You may upload photos or diagrams to illustrate your ideas.

In your 2nd page, and based on the Robert Mugerauer chapter, focusing on the city only, elaborate how tourism influence the development of the city and if it actually contributes to further urbanization within the same city.


Environmental Movements

paloma-environmental-movement-1Environmental Movements (EMs) are viewed to be a subset of the New Social Movements (NSMs) theories. In one page, identify the areas of similarities and differences between the EMs and NSMs and why would you agree or disagree with that notion?  In your 2nd page, select an example of your choice and describe the three frameworks of analysis for the Environmental Movements following the examples provided in the work of Doyle, Timothy. Your example should be different form the ones mentioned in the six countries in box 1.2 page 7