Your vision statement as a landscape architect


From your previous professional experience, academic studies, engagement in local community and readings beyond the classroom, write in no more than 140 words your vision statement as a landscape architect or an environmental advocate. Highlight how do you envision the future of the discipline and your expected role as a landscape architect. #Env_Plan#Landscape

10 thoughts on “Your vision statement as a landscape architect

  1. As a future Landscape Architect, I envision our work as a whole, to change. With climate change and population growth becoming a greater deal, we as designers will have to efficiently design cities that are able to grow effectively and be environmentally savvy. As a landscape architect, my hope is that we can create the same opportunities for all types of people. I believe that you should be able to create designs for all, even those who may have disabilities.

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  2. The way that I envision the future of landscape architecture is the profession being fully recognized and taken as seriously if not more than architecture. With the current administration reducing funding and removal of certain programs it is more dire to voice out. I expect the nation to recognize the licensure of landscape architects as a separate entity from civil engineers. Also for the world to design landscapes for the climates they are in to encourage sustainability.
    My expected role as a landscape architect in the future would to design for the natural environment and restore the ecosystems to help mitigate flooding and future storm surges.

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  3. A landscape architect should prioritize environmentally conscious and sustainable developmental practices. While at the same time advocating for people of all different social classes and races. Integrity is imperative to ensure that projects align with these principals. I also envision that in the future landscape architects will become leaders in the effort to design new cities or redesign existing cities, so that we can use our expertise to build a better world.

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  4. I envision our role and my future as a landscape architecture as someone who uses our skills and knowledge to improve communities. Whether people are rich, poor, within high quality neighborhood, or in communities with issues such as crime and poverty, everyone should have access to our services to improve and maintain their families, neighborhoods, and culture. As landscape architects, our legacy should be projects, organizations, and stronger community relationships that improve quality of life on this earth.

    I envision the discipline improving so that it is more well known through our ability to shape relationships and design projects and spaces meant for the people. We are shepherds of the community just as we are shepherds of the landscape. I want landscape architects to be known for how much we improve other peoples lives and protect ecological systems rather than how impressive or expensive our projects look.

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  5. As a landscape architect, my vision statement is to design and advocate for space that is beneficial to all forms of life, human and non, that makes living better, easier, or more enjoyable. I joined landscape architecture in the beginning to make space that could affect all people, and I’ve connected with Olmsted’s vision of social equality within design. I want to help bring people together and bring people to nature— to gain appreciation and knowledge into the future, as I have gained throughout my time at K-State. I see landscape architecture becoming more involved in all aspects of production and construction, and seeing it become more valued and as landscapes change and become more endangered. I want to be apart of landscape architecture helping to connect communities together and united people of different backgrounds to create and more united, harmonious, and beautiful place to live.

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  6. As a future landscape architect, I aspire to promote safety, health and economic vitality through culturally relevant urban design. I will attempt to help educate the public on sustainable lifestyle practices and facilitate the transition to a lifestyle that works in harmony with nature. I will strive to create moments of joy in everyday life through artfully built outdoor environments while also creating safe places where prejudice and racial division are not welcome. I plan to do everything in my power to work diligently and efficiently with integrity and honesty with clients and all aspects of future projects. All in all, I wish to create environments where people feel free to live their everyday lives in the best way and make positive lasting memories.

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  7. It is the job a landscape architect to re-envision the landscape to ensure that it is functional and aesthetically pleasing. As population grows and people are migrating to cities, landscape architects foresee the future to maximize the use of space and create good places where people would like to be. I envision the future of landscape architects to be the advocates of most design projects. We are trained to analyze the environment, understand ecology, design, and try to maximize sustainable practices that will mitigate the negative influences that people introduce to the environment. These skills are important assets that we can contribute when collaborating with architects, engineers, horticulturists, and more. The need for landscape architects is going to continue to increase because we have the ability to envision the future and we have more of an environmentally-friendly way of thinking.

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  8. As landscape architects, I envision our role to be leaders not only in the realm of design but also socially, environmentally, and even politically. I’ve heard many times that landscape architects are the fabric which hold a project or different types of people together and I hope that we continue to do this. I hope that as a profession we stay humble yet focused. We should see ourselves as advocates for the present and the future along with the environment and people. There is strength in unity which landscape architects can emphasize in the design process by creating more community centered projects. I envision landscape architecture involving and educating people within all social classes about the importance of the environment to understand that to have a healthy life we need a healthy environment.

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  9. As an architect from Kathmandu, Nepal, and a Landscape Architecture student in the US, I have been able to assess the resemblances and differences between how cities have been planned, how public space is perceived and used, and the intensity of problems that exist in these places. I see the field of landscape architecture growing at different paces, both in the US, and in Nepal, providing sustainable inputs to social, environmental and infrastructural development of these places. I am hopeful that Nepal recognizes the importance of landscape architecture in development, learning from international precedents, while responding to its own socio-cultural, natural and economic context. I see myself a part of that development. But first, I plan on working in the US, to get firsthand professional experience in green infrastructure and landscape design, until I am experienced enough to go solo.

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  10. My previous professional experience with landscape architecture have afforded me with multiple opportunities to witness first hand and confirm our role as dreamers, educators, and thought leaders within our communities. Primarily, as a discipline I would challenge the landscape architecture profession to better focus our efforts on the knowledge of our surrounds and be more cognizant of its needs and to be adaptive to change. Second, champion our efforts to become educators and promoters of our field to better inform the coming generations about the effect they can have on their communities future for the better. Third, to better embrace the current trends of human impacts on the environment, the rise in population and hunger, through collaboration with other professional fields on a global scale. Only through this generative process and the creation of thought leaders, will we better equipped individuals with the mentality to enact change in communities on their own accord, have conviction for what they believe in and the ability to talk and share about their passions and concerns openly with others. I perceive my role as a future landscape architect to be a communicator and act has a mediator across cultures, communities, income statuses, and promote the happiness within the public realm.

    “A Declaration of Concern” on behalf of landscape architecture:


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