International Development Project: Assessment & Suggested Improvement


In groups of two, and based on the projects you selected in class, write an overall critique of these projects, initiatives, or activities. In no more than three pages, provide a brief description for the project, the lead organization that is working on it, and an assessment for the project performance looking at its environmental and social components. If you are the UN secretary general and have the power to encourage, or stop this project, would you approve/implement this project (as it is) or not? After your critic and reflection, provide three direct actions that if taken into account will significantly improve the project. Make sure to add the name of your project, location and overall theme. Use the material in earlier classes to have a critical lens on the project development.


Assessments of Inter-state Development Projects


Interstates urban, landscape and infrastructure projects face some challenges when it comes to administration, budget and long term sustainability. In no more than two pages, provide an assessment for the project looking at environmental and social components. If you are the mayor or governor, would you approve/implement this project (as it is) or not? Lastly, conclude with five guidelines that you will adopt to enhance the project and make it more sustainable. Make sure to add the name of your project, location and overall theme. Use the material in earlier classes to have a critical lens on the project development.


Landscape Project Evaluation on the Neighborhood Scale


As per the discussion in class, write your overall assessment of the project you presented. Use the questions presented in class for guidance but feel free to expand on them or use a different outline. Make sure to add the name of your project, location and overall theme. Use the material in earlier classes to have a critical lens on the project development, answer the questions about what is god and what is bad about it. Lastly, if you are the mayor of this city, would you vote for this project or not? Your submission shouldn’t exceed 2 pages. Feel free to use other sources to support your argument.


A Myth Can Preserve the Ecological Balance


Write a one page reflection on the movie. You may approach this the way you prefer. Make it one page, precise and building connections between different things discussed in the documentary. You may write about parks, wolves, India, history, modernization, ecosystem, local tradition, shepherds, local knowledge, food-chain, co-existence … or local tribes.



Deforestation & Urbanization


Increased deforestation and rapid urbanization are two connected phenomena that poses threat on the environmental resources. Describe the top three causes of rapid urbanization then explain in your views how can we reduce deforestation to restore the ecological balance. Give examples from different cities or regions to support your argument


Social Movement + New S.M. + Env. Movement


When un-packing social movement, new social movement and environmental movement we find that they are interlinked. There are major similarities, commonalities and also differences between them. Using the lecture notes and the lecture by Manuel Castells, give an example that you know for (i) a social movement, (ii) a new social movement and (iii) an environmental movement. Explain the three movements using the framework developed by Doyle Timothty.


People’s Right to the City


Robert Moses and Jane Jacobs have well-documented differences in planning cities. What are the main 5 characteristics that Robert Moses wanted to see in a city and always promoted. And what are the main 5 qualities that Jane Jacob fought to achieve in order to maintain the identity and sense of place.

In no more than two pages, describe this conflict and what are the lessons learned from it for future planners and city mayors. Use the lens of David Harvey’s description to this conflict whenever applicable to support your argument.


Unpacking the Built & Natural Environments


According to discussion in class and the different ways the natural environment influence how we shape our built environment try to summarize some of the ideas discussed as follow: (1) In your first page, in your view, what are the most two significant environmental factors influencing and shaping the built environment, and why do you consider them of more importance than the other? and (2) in your second page: Discuss, in your views, and according to the ecological and social benefits debated in class, share how to integrate nature in cities on the continuum below:


#Env_Plan #Landscape

Your vision statement as a landscape architect


From your previous professional experience, academic studies, engagement in local community and readings beyond the classroom, write in no more than 140 words your vision statement as a landscape architect or an environmental advocate. Highlight how do you envision the future of the discipline and your expected role as a landscape architect. #Env_Plan#Landscape

The fit of urban waterfront interventions: matters of size, money and function. By: Pedro Pinto


Credit: Kondolf & Yang 2008

A poorly designed riverfront intervention typically fails on several levels: a bad program, with the wrong budget and timing, no concern for local needs or context, results in an unattractive and costly intervention, with reduced to no social or environmental benefit. Urban riverfront interventions may be improved in the future if, when deciding what to do with our urban riverfronts, we learn from past mistakes. This may be as important (or perhaps more) as observing what worked. The successful element in another city may not be repeatable, as the context and opportunity was very specific to that one city. Yet, recognizing what didn’t work elsewhere, the causes for failure, may provide us with the clues we need on how to improve our own projects. Knowing how to avoid oversizing, overspending, inadequately planning, failing to attract diverse publics and uses or fail to provide ecological benefits will, paradoxically, provide us with an excellent framework on how to create a better, successful, intervention. To get it right, we should acknowledge the local context, the morphology of the river valley, the time and budget a set of solutions entail, and select uses and functions that work for a diverse crowd and provide multiple benefits, including good flood management performance and the restoration of the rivers’ natural connectivity.


Global Environmental Sustainability

sdgsssThere is a number of challenges and obstacles to achieve sustainable development goals. Select one of the SDGs that you see as most pressing and identify the obstacles that may prevent from achieving it. Explain these obstacles challenges demonstrating your understanding of how they connect to sustainability on global scale. (Do not exceed one page)

The implementation of Sustainable Consumption & Productions (SCP) helps to achieve overall development plans, reduce future economic, environmental and social costs, strengthen economic competitiveness and reduce poverty. In the light of the SDG you selected, and among the 4 policy instruments we discussed in class, what are the top two policy instruments you would use to overcome the obstacles of your selected goal? (select only two policy instruments – and do not exceed one page for this part)

The Whites



The Whites are the synthesists, and do not entirely oppose or agree with any of the three other views. With an optimistic view of humankind, they believe that process will win the day, that people who tell others what is right lead society astray. Since Blues, Reds, and Greens all fall into that category, Whites reject them all, preferring a middle way of integration, reform, respect, and reliance. They reject ideologies whether based on markets, class, or nature, and trust that informed people can solve their own problems. On the environmental level, they argue that all issues are local. On business, they say the fabled level playing field never existed because of market imperfections, lobbying, subsidies, and capital concentration. On social problems, they argue that solutions will naturally arise from place and culture rather than from ideology. Leadership in the White world is reminiscent of the Taoist reminder that good rulers make their subjects feel as if they succeeded by themselves. Environmental and social solutions can emerge only when local people are empowered and honored.


What would you say to advocate for this Master plan? You are the center of the Sustainable Development approach and the plan touched on many aspects of Red/Green/Blue. In one page summarize that your approach in this city is the best as it includes education, business, ecology, and land uses + space that brings people together. In your 2ndpage and in three paragraphs: (i) how the Blues are taking advantage of a pristine ecosystem and wanting to exploit the resources and not benefit the local people or even the natural environment. (ii) Why the Reds are always ignoring the fact the low-income groups are people who also deserve good environment and that their well-being won’t be achieved without have a balanced ecosystem and an adequate use of the resources: (iii) why the Greens are not realistic and romanticizing the environment at the expense of other important pillars. And that the project can not be successful without synthesizing all the aspects of the main sustainability pillars.