An investigation of preservation | By: Danielle Hodgson


As a landscape architect, my vision statement is to create space that promotes, enhances, and sustains outdoor space that unites the natural and built environment. I design with Olmsted’s and John Muir’s vision in mind— I prioritize social equity with the preservation of the natural environment. The growth and changing population of people must be accounted for in order to design efficient space that accommodates all forms of life and future expansion to protect vulnerable natural areas. The future of landscape architecture will involve greater interaction with buildings as rapid urbanization and population growth jeopardizes city centers. It will influence architecture an engineering, as those professions will have to take greater account of incorporating precious moments and exposure to the outside realm. As gentrification becomes a greater risk to vulnerable communities, landscape architecture will have to work harder to preserve the integrity and lifestyles of these areas through planning, transportation and accessibility. We will have to take greater care to protect the natural environment as we grow, and play a crucial role on the path to healthy coexistence.

For a complete copy of of the report, click here.


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