The Reds



The Reds represent the sundry forms of socialism. Although one might expect them to have been discredited by the downfall of the Soviet Union, their worldview is very much alive. They find validation in the chaotic and horrific economic conditions that the rise of bandit capitalism has brought to contemporary Russia, a country whose economic machinery now benefits a minority at the expense of a materially and socially disadvantaged majority. The growing and worldwide gap between rich and poor confirms the Reds’ analyses, which are as accurate about poverty and suffering as the Blues’ observations are accurate about growth and change. While Blues focus on the promise of growth and technology, Reds focus on its shadow and try to discern its root causes. They view labor—one aspect of human capital—as the principal source of wealth and see its exploitation as the basis of injustice, impoverishment, and ignorance. The Reds generally have little to say about the environment, seeing it as a distraction from fundamentally important social issues.


What would you say to support this project and make use of the opportunities it may provide to help the social/working class. In one page advocate for the project and indicate your agenda and firm policies that you want to see to make this a project equitable. In your 2ndpage, write three paragraphs: (i) why the Greens are not realistic and romanticizing the environment as if people are not part of it. They are making lots of green spaces, not thinking of fresh water, they are changing the shoreline and really not caring about the ecosystem (ii) How the Blues are taking advantage of a pristine ecosystem and wanting to exploit the resources and not benefit the local people or even the natural environment. (iii) Why the Whites are too neutral and have no much stake in such a project and their neutrality doesn’t help much.

3 thoughts on “The Reds

  1. I would say to support this project and only to support this project is for the local residents to have an assurance they acquire the jobs in this project. In other words all positions that take in building up this development be allocated to the residents of Senegal that would be one of the policies that would take place in constructing this massive state of the art resort for tourism. The second policy I would like to see happen is the people who will be working in the four regions that make up the resort; is to enjoy the luxury of earning a substantial amount of monetary funds. This will aid in feeding their families and supporting themselves financially for as long as they will be working there and for the rest of their lives. In addition, since they will be working in the hospitality department like they would in a hotel, they would need sufficient amount of money in order to deal with public’s needs and wants. Customer service is a difficult job and hard for lots of reasons. For example, they may encounter and angry or upset person, and the employee (residents) fight or flight instinct will transpire. A natural urge to either fight the customer by verbally or physically in neither acceptable in customer service. Therefore, employees wind up struggling against their own instincts when they try to make the upset customer happy again. Another example of why the wage ought to be substantial to the residents is the simply fact it sometimes hard to be friendly.In this customer service of tourism, employees are supposed to be friendly, but if they are not feeling friendly. It takes effort too outwardly project a feeling one doesn’t really feel. The effort of one pretending to be friendly, but does not feel like it is called emotional labor. As a result can leave the worker physically and mentally exhausted; and service employees do not get paid very much for their emotional labor. Another policy I would like to take place is by developing this “mall” like structure is to have the working people be well taking care of and all will have equal access to healthcare, services and school. In the sense that just like they would be taking care of people that will take advantage of the development, the working people will be taking care of as well. Furthermore, they will have great benefits and treated like they count because they do; after all they are the ones that will make this “Disney World” matter. Considering The Senegal Pink Lake City Project is 70,000 hectares and Disney is approximately 30,000. As one of my team members in my group stated, this would create environmental social justice for the locals. It will give a fresh new start over with the government and try to make changes in the way to advocate that each working body will have a fair pay and fair chance at careers. The construction of this resort, enables the wealthy and poor to come together in engineering the birth of this master plan in order to build a new economic city and give rise to the local people.

    2nd page
    1.The Greens are unrealistic. Today’s growth focus on people and how to make it a better place. The greens thinking is dated and ought to updated and keep up with the times. The development is going up no matter what, because money talks. If the greens focuses more on human impact,care about the environment, and the animals it will oppress the local and will still be struggling on surviving for their families and for their future generations to come. With technology thriving it is very difficult not to obtain any human impact and consumption. There has to be a balance. Perhaps, some type of regulation ought to take place in limited amount of TOURIST, not locals that come live or visit this place. The Europeans have fancied up their own countries by establishing recycling, composting, and landfill facilities. Therefore, in constructing this development, a policy should stand that the “ fantastic 3” ( compost, landfill, and recycle bins) system ought be implemented as well.
    2.The Blues are just greedy. They want to rob the local people from their land and not will not give any credit to the local people or any empowerment. This will rear environmental justice. Displacing the locals and infringing in their livelihood. Not to mention will mass amounts of technology; Population x Consupmtion x Type = Impact. Where would the garbage be allocated to?
    3.The Whites, ironically they are that color, correct white is not a color, in other words they are neutral. Not doing anything does not solve problems either. In order to make things shift one has to take action, and by not voicing ideas things will not make things happen fall into a time warp. By not educating the local people will create a disservice and a disadvantage to the residents of Senegal. The Whites way of thinking belongs in a smaller village like say of 10 people not a place that will construct a resort that will take over 70,000 hectares of land. It is just too narrow of thinking.
    In summary, none of the three teams will survive on their own. Perhaps for a while, but it will create many issues that has been overlooked. There is no perfect system, the three E’s is needed in order to create balance.

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  2. Tina C. Adewunmi
    Professor Amir Gohar
    Thought on Group Reds

    I support this project because I came from Africa we need development if the government and the wealthy will assist the local residents to job. My group is red we represent forms of socialism: We don’t like the growing gap between the rich and the poor. We do not care about the environment. We do not focus on the growth of technology, we see it as negative. We are against capitalism. Why green group were supportive of the development to be allocated to the residents of Senegal to enjoy the art resort for tourism.
    Reduce human impact on the planet with technology if they are for the people then why would you want this? This is not equal for the people who are building it and working
    Blue: mainstream free marketers. Western economy, conventional economics. Rely on individual freedom and investment. Optimism for the environment that will relieve environmental damage unless they employees airstream up struggling against fair pay and fair chance.
    How will this help the environment? This is going to encourage more environmental damage. Individual freedom & investment will only further the divide between the wealthy and the poor.

    In comparison to the Whites, the Blue group’s argument for the development of Pink Lake city exploits the natural resources of the environment. The Blues fail to address the well being of the local people and the health of the ecosystem in their approach. Since the Blues are focused on opening markets and promoting conventional economics, they can potentially exploit the environment of its natural resources and degrade the ecosystem. Their free-market ideologies will lead to an unsustainable economy and will further exploit Senegal community members.

    Whites: don’t agree with other views, believe that process will win the day, no one leader because don’t think anyone should tell people what is right. Reject ideologies and trust that ppl can solve their own problems. Environmental problems are local.
    Problems will just solve themselves, somehow by local empowered people.
    This would create environmental social justice issues for the local people, how could the local people solve the problems if the problems are coming from international sources? How will the local people be empowered, when their culture is put on display for show?
    Lots of nature & culture & tourism it seems like Wonderful nature and resources, which led to lots of oil & endless resources & diverse culture & education with political stability- greatest strength. Democracy- economy is increasing on democracy. Good relations with European and United state.
    Harmoniously blended culture, has well educated leaders with open minds. However the Senegal pink lake city project is 70,000 hectares is approximately 30,000.but the government doesn’t care about nature. Higher levels of salinity. First master planned city to develop poor infrastructure, have wellness views of nature and scenery. Healthcare resorts among nature. Business 66 embassies enhance communication. Furthermore, they would be taking care of
    education more international schools will help city prosper including sport and art cultural center and unique art displays for the children of Senegalese
    Wellness city: residential looking over pink lake and atlantics ocean. Great Atlantic Ocean can do activities watersports and desert trek will have education and state of the art business facilities. International private hospitals and shopping West African business
    African cultural city of Senegal was exploiting labor what about labor to build this and cost.
    2. Green signal about tax involved and the blue opposed the tax because you cannot trust government when it comes about money especially in any Africa countries.
    Environmental beauties are to cover the important social issues and the inter structure
    The people should be in charge of their own resources, we don’t want foreign sources coming in and using the resources for the money. Why local residents suffering for job etc.
    This is just greater advancing the gap between the wealthy and the poor
    local people are going to be exploited labor for the international business places
    I think it’s a new way to start over with government, and we can try to make changes and advocate that everyone has fair pay and fair chance at jobs. This is a way for all people who are wealthy and poor to come together, to work towards building a new economic city. All will have equal access to healthcare and services and schools.
    No ruling class yet,
    Green Argument for: Should be approved because it’s the green city, good for their well being and health and ecosystems. Education school and colleges
    Blue for: individual advancement- public government isn’t always good strength is individual businesses who can support and trade business and services with other African countries – give international power by increasing trade. Giving voice to inhabitants in the local area and all will have access to more amenities
    White argument: create a space where the ppl will be able to showcase their artwork, which empower the community. By having more green space, it will serve the local interests.
    Build a bigger sense of community & economic growth. Want empowerment for the local people to feel succeed not the government disadvantage the poor residents of Senegal.

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  3. The greatest with this project as stated in the video is that it has political stability, but political stability as a democracy. As a member of the red group, I would want to change this form of government to a socialist government. As the project hasn’t started yet, I can influence key builders and members of the community to see the benefits that a socialist government has to offer. For citizens living in the project, everyone will have a chance to start fresh, and on an equal playing field. As there are schools and colleges, everyone will receive the same education, and therefore will be able to have their choice in careers when they are done with school. Along with receiving similar educations, the cost of primary school and higher education will be free to all who want it. Since this project will have state of the art healthcare facilities, we will allow all citizens and those who seek services to access to them for free, as long as they are functioning members of society. All of the statements listed above are policies that I would demand be in place for our new society, to ensure that we keep it class-less and equitable for all. Since this project will take around 10 years to build, the construction will employ many workers. As more sites in the city get built, we will be able to employ more workers in the hospitals, schools, and housing areas. There will always be work for our people, and we must ensure that all are paid fairly.
    (i) The greens support this project because they believe this will create a green city, and improve the health of the environment and ecosystems in which the city encompasses. This is not realistic because they are assuming that the environment of the city site is not already thriving. The greens are being unrealistic in believing that this city will not have a negative impact on the environment. Due to the size of the project, it will take many resources to build, such as water, wood, electricity, and fuel to transport all of the resources. By creating a new city on the water, this will disrupt the natural watershed, which will have a negative impact on the wildlife in the area. As a red, I don’t understand the greens focus on the environment, to me it is used to distract people from the unequal treatment of citizens.
    (ii) The blue group, as definition are mainstream free marketers. The blues believe that the environment will somehow mitigate environmental damage by itself. By wanting to have a capitalistic approach to the new city, the blues are allowing for natural resources to overexploited. If any group is allowed to come in and take as much as they want from the environment around the city, then they will make profit from it, which will not benefit the local people. As we have seen with western expansion, the local people will also be exploited as labor, and will not be paid fair wages. This type of thinking towards the new city will only lead to a dominator society, which will eventually collapse due to environmental degradation and unhappy citizens.
    (iii) The whites are a group who just don’t have a place in this society because they don’t have any views really, they reject ideologies that people can solve their own problems, and they believe that environmental problems are local. The whites also believe that somehow problems will just solve themselves, perhaps through empowerment of local people. The white group really has no support for this project, because it is supposed to have privatized schools and individual government leaders. The whites resemble the red group in their believes that everyone should be equal in a society, but the whites are wrong to think that people will form a Utopia together where everyone agrees on all aspects of life.

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