The Whites



The Whites are the synthesists, and do not entirely oppose or agree with any of the three other views. With an optimistic view of humankind, they believe that process will win the day, that people who tell others what is right lead society astray. Since Blues, Reds, and Greens all fall into that category, Whites reject them all, preferring a middle way of integration, reform, respect, and reliance. They reject ideologies whether based on markets, class, or nature, and trust that informed people can solve their own problems. On the environmental level, they argue that all issues are local. On business, they say the fabled level playing field never existed because of market imperfections, lobbying, subsidies, and capital concentration. On social problems, they argue that solutions will naturally arise from place and culture rather than from ideology. Leadership in the White world is reminiscent of the Taoist reminder that good rulers make their subjects feel as if they succeeded by themselves. Environmental and social solutions can emerge only when local people are empowered and honored.


What would you say to advocate for this Master plan? You are the center of the Sustainable Development approach and the plan touched on many aspects of Red/Green/Blue. In one page summarize that your approach in this city is the best as it includes education, business, ecology, and land uses + space that brings people together. In your 2ndpage and in three paragraphs: (i) how the Blues are taking advantage of a pristine ecosystem and wanting to exploit the resources and not benefit the local people or even the natural environment. (ii) Why the Reds are always ignoring the fact the low-income groups are people who also deserve good environment and that their well-being won’t be achieved without have a balanced ecosystem and an adequate use of the resources: (iii) why the Greens are not realistic and romanticizing the environment at the expense of other important pillars. And that the project can not be successful without synthesizing all the aspects of the main sustainability pillars.

4 thoughts on “The Whites

  1. Rory Lapham
    Professor Gohar
    Global Environmental Crisis
    April 21, 2018
    The Whites
    When it comes to new development or even progressive planning of communities, it is important to find a well-balanced policy that involves such considerations as the economy, sustainability, and the backing of its local community, which is why the white party beliefs are ideal in development. The whites compose a middle ground ideology of the other three heavily weighted parties: blue which is economic based, green who focuses on environmental protection, and red the support of self-reliance and culture.
    No one aspect is more important than the other for they all rely on each other in a triangle. The citizens need to be taken care and be able to support themselves through education, work, and access through necessities. All of these programs would be funded with an upscale economy through international trade, but in order to receive funds you must have demanding resources to sell. It is easy for a developing country to give up massive amounts of resources quickly in order to receive large amounts of money, but it is also dangerous. Without protecting the natural environment’s natural resources, it could damage the economy by being used up too quickly eliminating that source of income, yet over protection of the environment can leave a city in poverty by refusing to market. It is also important to protect the environment for individual well-being, the aesthetics of nature could be a large cultural piece, for it is the wilderness humans have evolved from. Clearly there are great consequences when focusing on different foundational policies in communities, which why all aspects must be considered when in development.
    The fault in a blue society is sacrificing the environment and exploiting its citizens culture. When capital becomes the main objective, it is simple to sell whatever resources you have in nature, from wood, land, minerals, crops, etc. This takes a toll by removing habit space from local wildlife, creating toxins from industry, as well as the landscape aesthetics that locals enjoy. Not to mention the invitation of foreigners stripping away local culture and making it into their own interpretation. This has happened to many ideal vacation spots in tropical islands. Many businesses attempt to provide their guests with new cultural experience but being sure to incorporate some of the guest’s as well for understanding more relatable experience. In many cases as well, many wealthier foreigners will settle in the community which could create classism or force a migration of the original inhabitants elsewhere.
    The green party helps preserve much of the land’s integrity, but refusal to capitalize on the resources could leave the community in a primitive state making life difficult for the citizens by not having modern technology, health care, education, etc. Also preventing agriculture on the reserved land can have hunger effects on the locals.
    And finally, the far-left approach from the red party is majorly focused on local foundation support. This is great in sustaining local culture, creating equity, and being self-reliant, but limits the possibility of progression. Many citizens cannot advance to their goals or desire as a sacrifice for the equity, and with little outside influence will leave the community behind the rest of the world in education, technology, etc. The environment will face consequences for they will not purchase from other nations to balance the use on their land, forcing them to use much more of their natural resources.

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  2. Emily Watterson
    Professor Gohar
    Global Environmental Crisis
    April 21, 2018
    The Whites

    As a White, I believe that all facets of sustainable development must be equally taken into consideration, and no ideology should be put above the will of the people. While many of my peers and their respective factions focused their attention on polarized aspects of the proposed plan, I believe the Whites were able to prove that this plan can truly benefit all the people in Senegal and not just serve a specific purpose that leaves gaps in other areas of the sustainability triangle. It is in our belief system as Whites that focusing efforts on solely economic, environmental, or social aspects of a plan is in itself a disservice to the local peoples who should be making these decisions based on their unique wants and needs, and not our own self-serving ideologies as planners. Where the Reds, Greens and Blues fail, I believe, is in being so certain that an unbalanced triangle of sustainable development would yield a well-balanced city or happy citizens.

    When I overview this master plan I feel confident that it would be good for the peoples of Senegal because is seamlessly combines all of the above strategies in a way that will positively benefit the community. From the White perspective, a good master plan balances education, business, ecology and space for the people to come together and use publically—each aspect appearing in Senegal’s Pink Lake master plan. When it comes to education, the master plan outlines it’s third stage of development, which they call “Brain City.” In Brain City, there are proposed schools at all levels that would serve the Senegalese people, as well as encouraging people from all around the world to take their educational journey in Senegal among the distinctive people and culture. Equally as important is the business infrastructure that the master plan proposed in the second stage, entitled “Western Africa Business City.” In this stage of development, the groundwork will be built to encourage business from other countries, bring in revenue to the city, and also support its local residents. Just as exciting is the proposed fifth state of development, “African Cultural City,” which seeks to accentuate the Senegalese culture, while also outfitting the city with beautiful gardens. And lastly, the master plan provides several areas of space dedicated for not only the residents of Senegal, but creates attraction for tourism, which will be an additional source of income for the city. Altogether, this plan balances the city’s needs and desires, providing them with an exquisite education, beautiful business centers, green spaces and ample room to move around and be together.

    Time and time again I see Blues ravage vulnerable communities whose histories they know NOTHING about (just like the colonizers before them), taking advantage of their natural resources, throwing around the word “international,” in an attempt to spread this cancerous idea of American capitalist democracy. Well I’ve got news for you Blues, Senegal is not America, and it does not need you as its “noble” white savior. I think the approach the Blues take is against all of my beliefs as a White, because above all they are trying to sway people with their grandiose ideologies instead of taking into consideration the specifics of the land, it’s natural resources, or what its existing local people want. The Blues are interested in profit before people, and take little else into consideration, especially in regard to Senegal’s master plan. In terms of the sustainable development triangle, Blues have crawled themselves into the Economy corner and have refused to see the other points.

    While I undoubtedly admire the Reds devotion to helping low-income groups and recognize their plight, they too, just as the Blues, quite literally get stuck in a corner that only considers one aspect of a much larger picture. For instance, if the Reds care so much about low-income groups why do they not also care about the state of the environment, a well-balanced economy, or state of the art education systems that would greatly improve the lives of the Senegalese peoples? While at first glance you’d think the Reds are all about the people, it seems to me that they’re identical to the Blues, putting ideology before, and often at the expense of people.

    Lastly, the Greens ideas are just simply unrealistic as they do not consider the people at all, just the environment. It seems that the Greens have not taken into consideration the amount of money it would take to successfully implement most of their idealistic, over-the-top environmental projects and technologies without a sustainable economy. Nor, it seems, have they considered the will of the people already living in this environment, or what focusing on the environment might mean must be sacrificed elsewhere. The whole notion of the Greens ideas seems to me driven by purely romanticized ideologies of the earth and cannot be easily put into practice because it lacks the consideration of all other things besides a few trees and maybe a small pond. They have nice ideas, but lack rationality.

    In order to successfully implement a city plan that serves all people, it must bring in a stable source of income, provide public space, integrate current ecological settings with new ones, and above all, appease, honor, and empower the local peoples to live the way they choose.

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  3. (Whites)

    The Senegal City Pink Lake project is a development project which includes multiple uses for the land. The proposed project is the first master planned city which is designed to include different cities which serve the community in various ways. The cities designed in the development project include the Wellness city, African business city, the Brain city, Sport and Art city, and African Culture city. These cities represent centers for health, business, education, sports, art, and culture. For the White group, they believe the economy, equity, and the environment should be considered in the plan in order to achieve sustainable development for Senegal. Since the master plan includes education, business, ecology, and land use planning, these components have a greater potential to build a positive community. In comparison to the Blue, Green, and Red groups, the White group’s argument for developing the city is most effective because it allows for local people to participate in creating a community which promotes sustainability.

    Since the master plan includes an education center for local people, I believe this allows for the community to work towards solving environmental and social issues. This is because community members can become informed and learn from one another about local issues. The Whites think that the business city could lead to building the local economy through increasing job opportunities. If local members are able to gain employment, members can work towards creating a sustainable economy which serves the community rather than focusing on exploiting the environment through meeting market demands. The master plan promotes a healthy environment for local members. Whites believe that the master plan is effective in including green space for local community members and increases low-income groups access to green space. The whites understand that green space is needed in order to build a healthy environment for community members. Because the masterplan includes the Culture city, where local artists can showcase their work, the whites believe environmental and social solutions will develop through local people feeling empowered and honored.

    In comparison to the Whites, the Blue group’s argument for the development of Pink Lake city exploits the natural resources of the environment. The Blues fail to address the well-being of the local people and the health of the ecosystem in their approach. Since the Blues are focused on opening markets and promoting conventional economics, they can potentially exploit the environment of its natural resources and degrade the ecosystem. Their free-market ideologies will lead to an unsustainable economy and will further exploit Senegal community members.

    While the Red groups approach focuses on ensuring low-income groupings are not exploited through their labor, they do not consider that low-income groups need access to a healthy environment. The Red group argues that Senegal community members should be put first and green space is not the first priority when developing the Pink Lake city. The Reds need to consider that low-income groups need access to green space because it increases their overall well-being. By having space for vegetation, this promotes a balanced ecosystem and an adequate amount of resources.

    Although the Green group argues the development of the Pink Lake city will ensure a healthy and sustainable environment for community members, they do not consider the economy or equity in their argument. The Green group believes that economic growth does not consider planetary limitations and is causing environmental degradation. The Green group needs to consider the well-being of both Senegal community members and the economy.

    While the Greens, Blues, and Reds argue that their approach is best in developing Pink Lake city, these groups need to understand that equity, the environment, and the economy need to be considered in order to achieve sustainable development.

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  4. Being a white, we found it hard to find a reason to rally behind the master plan at all. When we dug deep, we found a couple reason that someone who has a white ideology could go for the master plan, as long as there were outlines as to how each area would work and who would be in charge of the areas.
    When we looked at the plan for the city, we found many instances of equity for the native people who live there. With the African art and cultural sector of the city, we hope to empower the locals who are already living in this area. We want to showcase their arts and crafts and have these be open to an international market of people who will come to this new town. We hope that this area will allow for developers to local citizens to collaborate together and truly form a diverse economy that has plenty of opportunities for those who are native to this area.
    Another area we are excited for are the world-class hospitals and schools that will allow for our local doctors and teachers to have steady employment that pays well. We hope for the hiring of our local doctors and teacher and a curriculum that is focused around our cultural values. We also hope that our local children will be able to have access to these school and areas. With access to these areas, we hope that our children will be able to continue to contribute to this society and continue our culture.
    We like that this plan will take advantage of natural spaces, such as utilizing the lake for its healing properties. We hope that by utilizing these areas, we can help to curb emissions and create a safe and healthy environment for our people. We want to continue to utilize these areas, but we hope in this plan we will have more support to keep these areas clean and safe and free of trash and pollution.
    Most of all, we know that when our culture and people are alive and well, we will be able to handle any problems and they will be solved by themselves. We hope that the developers see this the same way we do and will utilize our historical knowledge when building and developing.
    In terms of the blue group, we do not think that all problems can be solved with money. We see that money cannot solve all issues, and that the real power should be placed in the people and not the money. We know that throwing money into something will not solve all issues. The blues argued that this will provide for our people, but we realize that we do not want our people working hotel and low wage jobs and we think that it is important to stay within our cultural areas of working. The blues want to use and not give back. They only care about money and not the environment, people or culture. We cannot stand aside and let this happen to our people.
    While the reds are looking out for our people, they do not realize that there is more to creating equality than just the poorest of our people. We know that it is important to take care of our people, but the reds will do this at the stake of the environment and of money. While we believe that social welfare is important, we also realize that the environment is one of the only things we have to rely on and without the income from business, we will not be able to provide the social welfare for those in need.
    The greens are only looking to save the environment and we see that this is not realistic. We love that this plan is utilizing our natural resources and know that this is a good thing. While we agree with the greens that the environment is important, we all realize that if we don’t utilize it, it will take over. We believe that life must go on, not at the stake of the environment but around it and incorporating it.


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