The Blues



The Blues are mainstream free-marketers. Such people have a positive bias toward the future based on technological optimism and the strength of the economy. They are armed with a strong statistical case, based on the vigorous and dynamic economies of Western and (until1998) Asian nations. Their approach is deeply rooted in conventional economics, and their number-crunching reveals a world vastly improved and rapidly ascending. Blues believe that reliance on innovation, investment, and individual freedom will ensure a shining future for humankind, and a level of material well-being that has strong appeal to virtually everyone in the world. Their optimism also extends to the environment, believing that in most cases, markets will send strong and appropriate price signals that will elicit timely responses, mitigating environmental damage or causing technological breakthroughs


Advocating for the Pink Lake city require some solid arguments about how you are brining benefits not only to business but also working class and environment. In one-page write why this city is a desirable one and what are bringing to the table that makes is irresistible solution. In your 2ndpage, write three paragraphs: (i) why the Greens are not realistic and will not get things done on their own, (ii) How the Reds are romanticizing their goals and can’t achieve them without such a project that is mainly centered around business, and hoe their lack of funding will always make it essential for the business to take part, (iii) Why the whites are too neutral and have no much stake in this.

2 thoughts on “The Blues

  1. The first and foremost benefit that we are bringing is capital. It is necessary to mention that such a project requires heavy investment both from inside but also outside of the country. The state usually is not able to inject this amount of money and therefore, ask for capital that free-marketers can bring in. Such investment will help with the construction but also creation of business. Because we promote individual freedom, we set an environment in which Senegalese, and other Africans can take advantage. For example, this environment will facilitate cooperation between Senegalese, African and other international businesses in general. Also, the more businesses, the better it is especially for the local population for two reasons. First, the competition between local and international business will reduce the price of certain goods and make it affordable throughout. Business that do not specialize in food productions can do otherwise in services for example and this will attract also foreigners and even have an impact on education as people will pursue degree in those areas to fill the open positions. Second, collaboration, as hinted above, will result in job creations for local people. A new city will create a lot of jobs that can meet the population’s skills. One important feature also that this city is bringing is the international schools. International schools will provide an alternative to the public schools and make sure that the majors and options offered will be put at use by the population in Senegal itself, and avoid brain drain. It can also help with the current unemployment among educated people in Dakar, the capital city. Such degree-holder can work in the international schools as teachers but especially for those in science, they can represent a great asset in the fight against climate change and the development of sustainable strategies. The international schools will promote research and development in partnership with the private sector that can fund those researches. This will encourage innovation and create the technology necessary to combat environmental issues, but also prevent them.

    Greens: The Greens have legitimate concerns regarding the ecosystem, degradation, pollution, and the role that major economies play. As much as they criticize Blues, they must cooperate with us as we are attempting to develop a strategy that will promote a eco-friendly economic growth. Focusing solely on the environment may not solve the issues of the poor in areas in West Africa. There is a need to collaborate with the private sector that will provide the necessary technology.
    Reds: Just as the greens, the reds also have a valid argument and worth of consideration: equity or the equal distribution of wealth among the population. It is necessary to mention that such distribution cannot occur without the government. When distribution is not even, it is because the government has failed at one of his main role. Therefore, as much as the reds argue that blues are at the root of inequality, they forget to mention the role of the government. An equal society is impossible! The government needs to tax blues and use that revenue to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor.
    Whites: Whites are all concerned with local demands. This is important as in any issue, if locals are ignored, the solution may not be the adequate one. However, the whites also must consider that locals have different demands and therefore meeting all of them may be impossible. Some locals are concerned with the economy, others with the environment and some want equity. The whites must therefore come up with strategy to respond to these demands. Thus, picking a side and evaluate it first, then attempt to include other groups is necessary—which means also picking one side at the beginning.


  2. Cities are the future of humanity. Centers of culture, education, business, and innovation, cities are now home to over half of the earth’s population with the percentage steadily increasing. The reason for this mass migration is simple–there are more opportunities for everyone in cities. The plan for Pink Lake City development is just as simple. People whose prospects used to end with salt mining will now be able to attend international colleges, work for major corporations with ample opportunity for advancement, and live near world-class hospitals. In Pink Lake City, people from around the world will be able to experience the culture of Senegal and take advantage of everything the country has to offer. Development will mean more money coming into the country, and a greater ability to make use of natural resources which are currently inaccessible. Economic development will increase standards of living throughout Senegal increasing life spans and helping more people unlock their potential.
    Concerns over the urbanization of a beautiful piece of African coastline are valid. By no means should we ignore the possible damage to the environment from development. But consideration for the environment should never eclipse a desire to continue development and innovation. The only way that the overall human condition can improve is through the technology created in economic hubs like the proposed Pink Lake City. To put off urbanization is nothing but a temporary environmental solution, which will do nothing in the long run but slow progress. As more businesses thrive and more people gain the knowledge and experience necessary to improve the world, we will see less environmental damage, more efficient resource use, and higher quality of life across the board. Already we have seen major improvements in things like farming, where by using less to create more, we have more than enough food to supply our exponentially growing population. Similar technology is being used to produce energy from easily renewable resources, such as wind, solar, and wave power. To ignore these important developments allows environmentalists to defend the environment by suppressing human growth and development, which is unacceptable as we move forward. In fact, they would be denying an already disadvantaged group of people the right to take their place among world leaders.
    Those who believe in “sharing the wealth” should also not be opposed to this plan. Although a capitalist society has its shortcomings, they are mainly in the short-term. Standards of living in countries with relatively free markets are much higher across the board than in countries that try to suppress individual freedoms by regulating business. Regardless of the concentrated wealth in the top 1% that many liberals like to point out, there is plenty of money and resources available for all of those “oppressed” average citizens to live comfortable, satisfying lives. Even if the wealth never completely “trickles down”, people who live in poverty in the U.S. are still living much longer and better than most of humanity did just a few decades ago. To fight capitalist development in Senegal would be a blind, ignorant attempt to hold people back in hopes of some incredible utopia establishing itself in the future. I believe if you ask most people living in Senegal whether they want to utilize the wealth-generating strategies that have proven to be successful or wait until a political theorist designs the final, perfected equitable system, they would take the tried-and-true capitalist economy.
    To try to make a compromise between the free-market developers, the environmental doomsayers, and the idealistic socialists is philosophically admirable, but useless where it concerns Pink Lake City. It is clear that any argument against the city is theoretical, not truly assessing the overwhelmingly beneficial impacts that an international urban center like this would have for the people of Senegal. Solutions to any problems that arise will be solved by citizens of the city, as they arise. They will have the education, resources, and global contacts to improve on the original design, learning as they go. Pink Lake City is nothing less than an inspired symbol of progress, the next step in a continually ascending global society.


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