Introduction to Class & You’re your vision statement


As an environmentalist with a purpose, objective and commitment to the environment, and using your previous knowledge and experience, write in no more than 150 words your vision statement for the environment. Describe how do you envision the environment and what is your role and environmental expert in the field.  ‪


11 thoughts on “Introduction to Class & You’re your vision statement

  1. When discussing the environmental issues there are visions of soda can plastics wrapped around turtle necks and rising sea levels due to climate change. However, the public isn’t very educated on the issues that drive many activists to fight for the state of the earth. There are the generalized issues that are seen in everyday media, but there are also the issues that could act as a domino effect and affect other conditions that are already critical. Something as small as glitter isn’t thought of having a significant impact on the environment, but it is currently having a huge impact on sea life. Sea animals are consuming these little pieces of plastic and it is polluting their bodies. Therefore, I believe we should raise more concern and awareness to the small issues that could lead to something bigger as well as the media conversation starters such as global warming. Educating the public is an integral part of change and environmental conservation.

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  2. The environment in its current state is at a turning point. It is not yet at the point of no return, however we are not doing enough as a whole to prevent the further decline of our natural environment. My vision statement about the environment is to promote and encourage full sustainability for large corporations. The large amount of waste and resources that corporations create/use is completely unnecessary in comparison to the overabundance of products created. As an environmentalist i believe that it is my role to always find ways to be more eco-friendly in my own life, as well as to bring and apply my knowledge and practices to the industry that i will be working in. Large corporations have come a long way in becoming more environmentally friendly, but there is still much work to be done in reducing the negative impact that these companies have on our planet.

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  3. The current state of the environment is not in good condition in the world and the current USA administration isn’t helping the issue. The president of the United States of America believes that climate change isn’t real which he publicities in his speeches and rallies. The problem with the environment isn’t directly linked to this one president, but instead to leaders that have different goals on their agenda, where profits are more important than environmental issue. I believe that my role with the environment and environmental issues is to educate the common people or the people that don’t study environmental issues and policies. I believe that the environment can be made better through politics, education, and the stressing of facts done through excessive research in the environmental spectrum. I also think publicizing the way the environment is affecting human health would push more leaders to take action in fixing environmental problems, to appease the anthropocentric way humans act, and push humans to change the way they behave towards a more sustainable future.

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  4. My background knowledge on environmental issues at times can be limited as this is the start of my interest in this major, however what issue that always comes to mind and the one that constantly worries me is the issues of pollution across countries such as Delhi, India. For the most part, a large majority of my family lives in this heavily polluted city and we are constantly hearing about how horrid the smog has become. My aunt recently recovered from a throat infection due to the smog. We constantly see on the news how horrible the smog is and how cars will crash into each other because the distance of sight is so limited. The unfortunate thing about all of this is that there is not much of urgency in India to combat the smog. We see many neighboring countries dealing with environmental issues head on such as New Zealand and Switzerland, however India has very little efforts despite the problems being so grave. My role as an environmentalist would be to hopefully come up with easy solutions that people in India could do in order to make changes. I feel that in America we have a lot of resources and can come together to make changes across the world. I read an article recently where I learned that 6.1 million people have died in India since 2016 due to the pollution. Breathing should be a fundamental human right over food and water and it is devastating that that is being sacrificed.

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  5. I have a very little understanding about the environmental issues and topics, that is the reason why I wanted to take this class in order to learn more. However, living at this time it is hard to not see the affects of environmental pollution affecting our planet. Issues of global warming and mismanagement of waste is growing each day and is impacting us negatively, in daily basis. I remember being very passionate about waste disposal and land pollution while I was growing up. Lately, after bumping into lots of news about smog problems in Beijing and major cities, my interest in air pollution and its affects have heightened. I do not know if this is a relevant topic for this class but my vision statement would be to focus and find ways to fix air pollutants in crowded cities. Couple of months ago I was in Delhi, India, and I could not help but notice the smog affecting everyday lives of people residing in that area. I would love to research and look deeper into mainly housing architectures that could help in emitting less waste and implementing plantations in and around the vicinity of these polluted parts of the cities, in order to bring fresher air and healthier lifestyle in these congested major cities.

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  6. The global environmental crisis is a real issue. Every habitat on the earth has been affected by it. In my view our environmental crisis is being accelerated by mass production. As more people are leaving poverty and entering the middle class around the world the demand for consumption of goods is growing rapidly. The increase in production and innovation has resulted in more waste and pollution. In the past we produced with no regulations to protect our environment. This negligence has resulted in a break down of our atmosphere and ecosystems. Globally, this fact has been acknowledged.Many nations have come together in an attempt to mitigate some of the damage due to pollution through policies and agreements. I stand with these policies that acknowledge that pollution is a threat to our existence Furthermore, I believe if we adhere to agreements such as the Paris Accord we will be able to hold on to the little bit of Earth that we have left.


  7. The problems that plague the environment are the habits and waste that is produced from the people that are blinded by false sciences. The culture in which the latest products must be had, causes wast that build up, polluting the environment. The people must be aware and conscious of the actions and the decisions that are made about what sort of products are kept, what sort of wastes must be used to recycle. Conscious acts about the environment must be made as there is a deterioration of quality in all sectors of the environment, like water ad air. There are some people that are aware and that is a start in order for some to turn to many and later, hopefully, all. Raising awareness isn’t enough as people are aware of the failing environment, so there must be actions that must be taken from the government so as to encourage people to care and take action themselves.

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  8. My vision statement about the environment would be no landfill needed in the future. The right thing with the current environemental status would be the policies set both internationally and nationally or even among cities and states. For example, the kyoto protocol, the international treaty and the AB 939, the California Solid Waste Law. I think the governments are trying hard to protect the environment. However, the wrong thing would be the low environmental awareness among individuals. When I was living in the South Bay, I seldom see people recycle. Even though the recycling bin is right next to the trash bins, people would just throw the recyclables to the trash bins. I see more people recycling and composting in San Francisco but sometimes I found that they are putting things in a wrong bin. I know that if the manufactures are willing to change their packagings or products to recycables and people are recycling them, there will be no landfill needed anymore. Therefore, I would like to change people surrounded me first. I have made my parents be more environmentally friendly already. Sometimes they do better in recycling than me. The next step for me would be increase my friends’ environmental awareness. In the future, I would like to be a park ranger or work in the educational field to make our future generation to be more greenly and help with the garbage problem.

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  9. My vision for the environment is relatively simple. I believe that we should live in an environment where every species simply has the chance to live. I wish for an environment where every organism has the chance to succeed and no organisms are going extinct or declining for controllable reasons. Additionally, I would wish that every man, woman, and child can enjoy their natural environment and live their lives without fear of being subjected to any preventable harmful environmental factors. I simply wish for what everyone wishes for- a chance to live and only worry about things that are unpreventable, not the things that we have done to ourselves.

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  10. The issue that i want to tackle is education. Change starts with us, if we can influence a large enough change on the community level, it’ll lead to a larger impact on a grander scale. I want to focus a lot of effort on national parks because parks like Yosemite and Yellowstone are national treasures, and they have the ability to inspire people to care about the environment. We can inspire a lot of young minds to take up an interest in natural sciences when we show them the best that nature has to offer. I remember the first time i saw Yosemite, I thought how amazing it was and the fact that we were able to preserve its grand beauty even in today’s industrial landscape.If we can get more people to step outside of their comfort zone to see that there is a bigger world outside of their few square blocks. The goal of my project is to raise awareness about conversation efforts in local communities, and to bring more opportunities to high school students to help make a positive change in their environment by exposing them to the relevant issues in their neighborhoods.

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  11. Solving the public transportation issues in the Bay Area, California, and generally in the United States is a completed and expensive process. Since the 1950’s, due to President Eisenhower’s vision and through state and federal legislations that were highly influenced by industries such as the oil and automobile, public transportation plans and funds were redirected into the development of the Interstate Highway System. This extensive expansion of the road system, influenced the deterioration and destruction of the public transit in most American communities.

    Since the 1950’s, the population in the United States more than doubled itself, and urban centers were expending far into the suburbs. Despite all the community growth and prosperity, our public transportation system is still insufficient and non-reliable, and most people are mainly relay on their cars.

    In order to resolve this issue, I envision of a more sufficient, upgraded, fast, and all-around better transportation system for all Americans. In this new system, that involved of high-speed rails, underground subways, busses, and metros people are encouraged to take various alternative transports that are priced to fit all levels of income. This public system will be maintained by local, state, and federal authorities, and it will provide many jobs and carrier opportunities. The design and operation of the system will be green and mostly rely on renewable energies, and it will drastically reduce pollution and it will provide an alternate way to move around.

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