Welcome to Global Environmental Crisis (ENV331)

Welcome to class ENV300 in San Francisco State University.

I look forward to your contribution in the class.

Amir Gohar

1 thought on “Welcome to Global Environmental Crisis (ENV331)

  1. 1.My current understanding on global environmental crisis
    -Pollution, over population, poverty, etc. are all factors that contribute to the environment’s state being a global problem.
    -In one of my past environmental sociology classes, I learned that after the industrial revolution, over consumption is a main reason why there is (G.E.C.)
    -There is a global environment, but also every community has their own “Tragedy of the commons” related to how the citizens that share a community effect their immediate environment by producing, consuming and, disposing resources.
    2.What should we do about it?
    -educate the public, governments and corporation’s about the effects of clean environment’s.
    -Find new modifications in technology to leave less of a carbon footprint.
    Change or implement new policies/laws pertaining to environmental protection, activism and reform.
    3.What is your role as an environmentalist in addressing this in the future.
    -Help to educate those who don’t know or care about the environment and what they can do to help reduce their carbon footprint.
    -For myself I need to hold myself responsible for the eco-friendly decisions I make, I.e (Recycling, commuting, conserving etc.)


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