Process of Environmental Planning and Water Resources Management | By: Sooyeon Yi


This project covers the lectures, readings, and other course material in The Process of Environmental Planning course in Fall, 2017. The topics of each week was not limited to the United States, but also looked at different countries, especially in South Korea. Then, as coming from hydrology and water resources management background and growing interest in river restoration topic, the author further explored on each topic from hydrology stand point of view. For each topic, the author reflected on three components: blog post extension, example from South Korea, and stream management perspective. The objectives are to summarize key points from each lecture, reflect on the author’s culture and background, and reevaluate from hydrologist perspective.

I grew up reading cartoons, a lot. I believe comics make an integral part of newspapers that convey messages or express public opinion immaculately. Therefore, the cartoon is a primary feature in this project that provides added message or information that is not provided by the contents. In most cases, the purpose of cartoons in this project is to add humor and sarcasm or commentary on social changes, success, failure, and major contemporary events.

For a full copy of the report click here

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