Global South & Global North


Can the global South one day improve in partnership with the global north or this will only happen with a radical shift in the entire world capital and power structure?

By Prof. Ahmed El Kholi, (Professor of Geography, Regional Economies, Urban & Regional Planning)

Your question is not simple, but I will attempt to answer. I think that industrialized, advanced societies are more organized than developing south societies. They have the tools to defend their interests, such as monopolizing decision-making worldwide via institutions they control such as IMF, World Bank , UN, etc. They shifted from the modern industrial mode for capital accumulation to a postmodernist flexible financial capital accumulation. Not just controlling the global process of decision making, but also the means to finance it. They control Research and Development, and deprive developing countries of the experience and knowledge of their scientists, alias, brain drain. They install Muppet-leaders and nurture a class of elite within countries of the south to promote their agenda and facilitate the continuous processes of exploiting the South. They have the military power and the international support to back their move, Remember invading Iraq. They also control media and means of forming preferences and shaping people’s conscience. Based on the aforementioned, the answer is NO, No Way the North and South will be partners. Partnerships are between equals, and the North always is superior to the South. Will the South prevail? the answer is Yes. For several reasons, first, the pressures within developing countries will spark movements and call for reform. Second, advanced industrial societies have ther own internal issues and problems. Their population are declining, they need the labor, but they are against immigrants. Those immigrants and their children will transform these societies. The demographic force will prevail. Countries,m such as Egypt , Turkey, India, China and Brazil will turn to be regional powers because of their population size. Transforming both the North and South to engage in global partnership will take place once the people come to power and control their destiny. The way is a popular socialist democracy that takes place in both developed and developing countries. This is not a wish, nor a prophecy; rather it is the inevitable.

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